How to start with Good Job, Pal!

We really want you to succeed with building more thankful teams. So before you start to set up your Good Job, Pal! account we have prepared these 5 setup steps that come from our experience.

1. Involve your team early

You can use Good Job Pal to increase gratefulness and appreciation in your team, reward you best people, foster team values and other goals. In What is Good Job, Pal! good for? you can find some more use cases for Good Job, Pal! It is important for you to understand what you want to achieve. That way you will know who you need to invite (Users) and what they will be thanking for (i.e. Reasons in our lingo).

Unless you have a clear list of values or other reasons from let’s say shareholders or a system you already are using, we suggest to run a workshop with your team explaining what you want to achieve and coming up with a list of reasons that you all agree with and support. This will ensure buy in from the very start and greatly increase probability of success.

2. Sign up and create account(s)

Sign up with Good Job, Pal! and create your account. It is important to know who you need to involve in this process. In absolute majority of cases it is either the whole company, department or team. You can also have multiple accounts for example one per team and then then company wide one etc.

Good Job, Pal! will bring the biggest benefits if you invite as many people from the team as possible because the evolutionary science underneath is very simple – you all are one tribe and you all need to work together to survive and thrive.

3. Set up your reasons

Now you need reasons to be thankful for. These should be the values or reasons from point 1. Keep the names short and the whole list should be around 4-6 reasons in our opinion. If you have more – you can try to rotate them over time. A good idea is to use these reasons also in other ways – put a poster on a wall, dedicate a week for each of the values, communicate them in your marketing etc.

We provide you with a list of default reasons that we use ourselves. It’s not that we think these would work for everyone. Not at all. Rather it’s a way for you to test some things until you have your own list of Reasons ready. Feel free to rename the default ones to what you need. Ideally before you go live with Good Job, Pal! in your company to reduce confusion.

4. Invite your team

When you feel ready invite the whole team to Good Job, Pal! They will receive an e-mail that sends them to Sign Up form and they will be automatically added to your account. If someone is not yet signed up you can resend invitation from Manage > Users page. And remember to ask them to set up their profile pictures – that makes the whole experience so much more fun!

If you have more than one account then you can add the existing users without inviting them again. Just use the same e-mail address in the Users page. Same works if if someone was hasty and signed up before you invited them.

5. Reward your high achievers

It is very important to reward the ones who perform the best. We give you a way to measure performance so you can freely choose how to reward them. Money will work for some teams and a quiet celebration too, but we recommend to use something more heartfelt and do it as publicly and vocal as possible and appropriate. Remember – this is a thankfulness game and in every game there should be rewards.

Once you have settled in give us a shout the form below or chat us up to set up your analytics dashboard. You can start with our default dashboard showing most appreciated people, monthly activity, most active voters and popular reasons. Later you can come up with your own measures – our reporting and dashboard building capabilities are almost endless. You can even have multiple dashboards, dashboards embedded in your websites, TV wallboards and you can even add additional data sources. Just dare to ask.

Tell us how you are doing

We are here to help you. Tell us how you are doing and we might be able to come up with some improvement points or learn from you – in either case it can only make Thanks even greater!

I am ready for some gratefulness!

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