What is Good Job, Pal! good for?

Remote work, flexible hours, international branches, open office, chats and social networks – these and other factors are impacting many companies and teams in a way that team members meet and talk to each other less and less.

While that might make companies more efficient in the short term, in the long term that often means losing team spirit, negative impact on morale and values and lower individual engagement. This can cause serious damage to team performance due to loss of ability to adapt to changes, exchange knowledge and just being humane.

We believe that each team is a tribe. Tribe is built around human interactions. And while there are many tools that help teams to bring part of those interactions online such as task management systems and group chats, there is a need for something more and this is what we are here to help with.

Here are some ways you can use Good Job, Pal! to help your team

Reward doing a good job done every day

Every person is wired to help other people. Sometimes they need some motivation to do that. The internal feeling of doing a good job is very powerful and if external appreciation can be added – you get the right setup for motivated individuals. You also get a measurable personal key performance indicator – how much others appreciate me. That brings many benefits:

  • everyone is on the same page about what others expect of them
  • people are more motivated to help, more thankful and thus happier
  • game elements allow to award employee of the month, week or day regularly
  • people feel more appreciated
  • speed of feedback is greatly increased as you don’t have to be in the same room at the same time to say thanks
  • shy people can give feedback much more easier
  • managers can analyse trends, find heroes and train ones needing help

This list can be continued for some time – benefits are big because you improve a very basic need for every human being – being useful, needed and appreciated.

Reward the very best

Some of our customers have an everyday appreciation account and in addition to that a periodic award account for example for Employee of the year award. This adds the possibility to celebrate your heroes and superstars in an open and democratic way. That improves motivation, engagement and supports the overall appreciation culture as well.

Foster team values

Every team has a set of core values. Teams change, world changes, people come and go. You need to manage your values or you risk with unfavourable changes in the value system. You can use Good Job, Pal! to foster and support the agreed set of values by allowing every team member to say Thanks every time when someone acted according to one of the values. This allows you to:

  • actively implement new values
  • see which values are the most important currently
  • award people actively supporting team values
  • making people aware of the values, thinking and acting on them and making the value system stronger

Implement existing feedback systems

Some teams already have internal feedback systems such as emotional bank account,¬†writing an internal blog post when someone did something good, leaving post it notes or having a physical mailbox. While these can work quite well, it is hard to quantify such feedback results because they are often either analogue or textual so you can’t easily analyse the results and changes over time, notice trends and find the weak links.

With Good Job, Pal! you can implement your existing feedback system and add the possibility to:

  • analyse the results regularly
  • publish dashboards and wallboards for the team to see
  • make better informed decisions


The beauty of Good Job, Pal! is its simplicity because you can come up with your own use cases for it. It is one thing we have intended to use it for, but our customers are coming up with new ways of applying it in their lives. If you have one – let us know so others can benefit from your idea as well.

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