National what?

Not sure who decides this, but rumour has it that January is the National Thank You Month. As I found out I jumped up and down, because it doesn’t even matter if this is true or who decides it. The only thing that matters is – what will me and you do to make the world around us a better place. Here are three ideas from me – make gratitude your mental habit, express your gratitude and make that a habit around you with recognition software.

Start with yourself

A black notebook with a pen and handwritten text

Start with daily gratitude training

For some time I’ve been practicing a routine where I will evaluate what I am thankful for every day. It takes almost no time and effort at all, but every day I do that I realise that there has been something very good in that day. I smile, feel a little better and move on. It’s a small thing, but changes your internal perception both in the short and long term.

I suggest that you should give this a try for the next 30 days. Every day take a piece of paper, your notebook or any digital media and physically write down what you are thankful for today. It can be one or multiple things – the more the better.

Write that thank you note you have intended to write

Handwritten Thank you note that could be sent with recognition software


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According to this study expressers of gratitude underestimate the impact of their act and overestimate the potential risks as well. You might think that the recipient might feel awkward. They won’t. You might feel you might look silly. You won’t. In essence – there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Spend 10 minutes and think about those times when someone has gone an extra mile for you, your family, team or company and write a proper thank you note.

Make thanking each other a habit with recognition software

A black on white poster saying Give Thanks

Foster thankfulness in your team with recognition software

Employees around the world feel unappreciated. There are many reasons for that, but definitely one of them is that their colleagues and bosses are not thanking them enough because of a simple psychological issue. This causes all sorts of issues such as higher employee turnover rate, lower motivation and productivity. This is why we have tried to make Thanks great again by creating a tool that makes it as easy as possible.

I suggest to rally your team, think about what you want to be thankful about and try our recognition app Good Job, Pal! Maybe that can be your new years resolution that sticks.